Four MVPs of AU Softball Season 3 (So Far)

Join us as we prepare for some more action in Rosemont, IL. 

By Alexandra Cadet

Athletes Unlimited Lacrosse is over, and Taylor Moreno has been crowned as its newest champion, after a down-to-the-wire battle during Week 4 of the 2022 season. And now, it’s AU Softball’s turn to bring the heat … but let’s be honest, their athletes already have that part covered. From Dejah Mulipola’s unrelenting brilliance to Mia Davidson’s promising introduction, the women of AU Softball have given fans plenty to watch and root for––with some going above and beyond to make this summer of softball the most thrilling one yet. Without further ado, here are four MVPs of Season 3 thus far.

Sam Fischer at bat / from Athletes Unlimited Twitter

Dejah Mulipola

On paper, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Dejah Mulipola is taking AU Softball by storm. After all, she placed in the top three of the final AUX standings a month and a half ago––and what’s more, even managed to tie a handful of other athletes for most home runs in the 18-game event. So for Mulipola, greatness in this unique league is more of a norm than an exception.

But come on. Six singles, two doubles, and five bombs? An undefeated Week 2 campaign as captain? An extended stay at the top spot of the leaderboard through the strength of her stat points alone? That’s another level of excellence, even for her … and it’s a suggestion that she’ll cement her place as a powerhouse in Athletes Unlimited Softball soon enough. Two weeks, six teams, and (hopefully) a lot more home runs are what stand between Mulipola and the season’s crown. It may be a tough road, but her work this season has proven that she has the potential to brave it. 

Haylie McCleney

Okay, we’ll admit it: it’s rather unoriginal to include the top two league performers in this list. But what makes Haylie McCleney’s play MVP-worthy is not only her leaderboard placement, but also her meteoric rise to the top. After a relatively slow start to the season, McCleney notched two home runs, two doubles, and thirty-two points’ worth of walks in Week Two; those stats helped her rise by thirty-five spots in the rankings and land in second place. She is only eighteen points behind leader Dejah Mulipola at the time of writing.  

Now, fans of McCleney shouldn’t get too comfortable with her high placement just yet; AU Softball mainstay Sahvanna Jaquish trails her by just four points in the standings, and could potentially usurp her when the two face off as captains in Week 4. But so long as she continues to show up like she did during her match on Sunday, there’s no reason why she shouldn’t continue to make her mark on this year’s leaderboard––or be present on a list like this. 

Sam Fischer

Deep into the top of their second inning last Friday, Team Chidester was desperately searching for something big. They were 1–0 down against Team Mulipola, who had gotten their lead courtesy of a bomb from their namesake and captain. The pressure was high for Team Chidester to right the ship; after all, a loss in their opening Week 3 game could determine the rest of their campaign as a squad. What they needed, in short, was some good luck.

So what did Sam Fischer do? She gave them some good luck in the form of a cracking bomb, leveling the game. Then, when her team got set back once more, she did it a second time––giving Team Chidester a lead that they wouldn’t surrender again. 

To be honest, that splendid Week 3 match was probably Fischer’s biggest moment of the season so far, which hurts her MVP case a bit. But sometimes, an athlete only needs one game to remind everyone of the brilliance they’ve always been capable of. And that’s exactly what happened with Sam Fischer––Launcher of Bombs and Destroyer of Boards. 

Mia Davidson

Give the AU Softball leaderboard a quick once-over and you’ll likely miss an important name in eighteenth place: Mia Davidson. Despite Davidson’s low rank compared to the rest of the people on this list, her numbers are absolutely nothing to scoff at: she’s notched five hits, two home runs, and 250 game-winning points thus far. 

But the most significant part of Davidson’s claim to MVP fame is the fact that she accomplished all of this as a recent AU Softball draftee. To boast such solid stats in a league you’re familiar with is one thing, but to do so in a completely new environment is a major suggestion that Davidson will thrive in the Athletes Unlimited seasons to come. That’s really all one can ask for out of a young MVP.

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